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Scotts Epicurean supports the local Hamilton arts scene by providing artist with a place to hang their work. The works can also be purchased at the cafe. Check in here to see who's hanging at Scotts and learn about the artist, then come on in for a great coffee and view the art on our walls.


Artists Profile


AHSIN AHSIN is an artist based in Hamilton Aoteroa NZ. Ahsin has exhibited largely throughout New Zealand in the Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Coromandel, Auckland and Melbourne. He has an extensive list of commission work and has participated in international art initiatives including a series in India.

His works are vibrant and dynamic, influenced by 1980s-90s sci-fi films and street art with a variety of artistic and pop culture references. His imagination distills into fantastic creatures and sigils, graffiti marks and gestures suspended in hyperspace. He works his neo-pop style across a variety of surfaces that can be seen on the street in mural form and in galleries.

Discover Ashin Ashin at https://ahsinahsin.com

Previous Artists

Mark Hamilton Photography

Mark is a born and bred Hamiltonian who first picked up a camera in his late 20s, a decade later and a career change found Mark studying photography and completing a BMA. He now has over thirty five years of experience and works from his studio base in Hamilton.

Photography has taken him to places he once would have never considered and into the lives of countless people from all around the world.

His approach to photography is driven by his curiosity of people, culture, and places. Atmosphere and emotion are key elements in his ability to conjure the unfathomable out of the commonplace and everyday.

What began as a hobby for him somehow morphed into a career that he enjoys to this day.

View Mark's work at www.markhamilton.nz

Craig McClure AKA Magic Darts

Visual Artist | Creative Director Born: Scotland, 1985 Arrived in New Zealand: 2007

Craig McClure is a Hamilton based artist and works from his studio at the Meteor Theatre. McClure’s work includes paintings and drawings, performance and installation as well as illustration, murals and zines. More recently McClure has been collaborating with local artists to create immersive artworks/installations where in addition to his paintings, there are soundscapes and lighting special effects; Plumbum 2019, Shadowlands, 2020, Mesoverse 2020.

Inspired by a childhood packed with American comic books and cartoons, art stopped and started between Saturday morning television and superheros. Craig McClure’s work today is an amalgamation of contemporary painting and comic book illustration. He makes bodies of new paintings and drawings in a non-theoretical manner in the studio, weaving experience and subconscious ideas into his mark making, treating the works as Rorschach tests until they reveal an end point compositionally or through narrative.

Repeated ideas and motifs are Influenced by technology, science-fiction, overheard conversation, social commentary, political observation and humour.

You can follow McClure AKA Magic Darts on Instagram @magic.darts or by visiting his website craigmcclure.com

Julia Christey

Julia is a contemporary Waikato artist.  She is interested in the intersection of art, science and the environment.  With  a deep connection to the Waikato and Bay of Plenty, she explores the fleeting impressions we gain when passing through the landscape.

‘To me, my work points at the reverence and affection we have for the environment but also the superficiality of engagement with it.  Through observation and circumspection I paint an internal landscape, which is based on a memory, sense of place and interaction with the environment.”

Julia is currently studying for her Master of Fine Art at Wintec.

View Julia's website:  www.juliachristey.com

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